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Safety M.U.S.T. Program

At Landstar, safety comes first. In addition to saving lives, we understand that strict attention to safety saves dollars, reduces liability and assures on-time delivery. Thatís why we developed M.U.S.T. - Mutual Understanding of Safety Together - a unique program that brings shippers together with Landstar representatives to build safer working environments and solid business relationships.

M.U.S.T. is a flexible, cooperative venture that invites those working on loading docks, in shipping and receiving, and behind the wheel to build a collaborative safety effort. By developing a mutual understanding of each otherís perspectives, we can create an open dialog focused on the continuous enhancement of safety conditions for everyone involved.

Because no two shippers are alike, our flexible, customized program enables you to participate in the M.U.S.T. elements directly related to your business. Together, weíre building safe, reliable, production-delivery processes that continue to raise our safety level to new heights.

Landstarís M.U.S.T. action-oriented program includes:
  • Round table discussions with plant supervisors, vehicle operators, dock workers and Landstar associates.
  • Extensive training and awareness to improve work environments at loading and receiving facilities.
  • Quality improvement management.
  • Site surveys to identify and eliminate possible accident contributors.
  • Production process teamwork to create safe, effective procedures for the transportation environment.

Landstar System Inc. operates through hundreds of independent agents and thousands of business capacity owners working together to meet all your transportation needs. Forged in the entrepreneurial spirit, Landstar has delivered excellence in transportation for more than 50 years, keeping our customers on the road to success.

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